The following courses are recommended as selectives. Students and faculty are also invited to nominate courses as possible “teacher education specialization selectives.” Topics to be addressed by a selective include:

  •        discipline and domain specific contexts and practices of teacher education;
  •        teacher learning in non-formal settings;
  •        social, cultural, political, historical, and/or international contexts of and perspectives on teaching and teacher education;
  •        adult learning theory;
  •        conceptualizations and framings of children and youth;
  •        practitioner research.

Students should consider their own professional interests and aspirations, and strive for a sense of “well-roundedness,” in making their selection or recommendation. Specialization faculty are also available to consult on selection. (See Contact Us)

  • A&HF 4094: School and Society
  • A&HH 4070: History of Education in the US
  • A&HW 5031: Teacher Education in Social Studies
  • C&T 4161: The Teacher: Socio-historical, Cultural Contexts of Teaching
  • C&T 6199: Seminar: Research on Teacher Education
  • CCPJ 5020: Racism and Racial Identity in Psychology and Education
  • EDPS 5001 001: Sociology of Teaching and Leadership in Education
  • MSTC 4040: Science in Childhood Education (consult with instructor prior to registration)
  • MSTC 5155: Critical Voices in Teacher Education
  • ORLD 4051: How Adults Learn
  • ORLD 4053: Facilitating Adult Learning

* Note that this list is a work in progress. Check back from time to time to see additional recommendations.


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