“What Should Teacher Educators Know and Be Able to Do?”

During 2011 and ’12, TC professors Lin Goodwin, Laura Smith, and Mariana-Souto Manning and four advanced doctoral students undertook a TCTI (Teachers College Transformation Initiative) sponsored study of almost three hundred teacher educators’ views on, a) the knowledge, skills, and orientations foundational to their own practice, and, b) their own preparation to do teacher education. An aim of the project was to contribute to specification of a knowledge base for teacher educators. Results of the research were published in the Journal of Teacher Education and may be accessed here.


Goodwin, A. L., Smith, L., Souto-Manning, M., Cheruvu, R., Tan, M. Y., Read, R., & Taveras, L. (2014). What should teacher educators know and be able to do? Perspectives from practicing teacher educators. Journal of Teacher Education, 65(4), 284-302.


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